Monday, March 9, 2009

Big Oscar Kitty

This is Oscar. He is one of my parents cats that hangs around the house. He always loves to sit on top of things. Either it is on the roof of the house, on a fence post, on a beam in their cabana, or on a stump! One day when I was at their ranch I looked out the window and saw him just relaxing on this stump in their side yard. I decided to go get my camera. Just when I was getting ready to take the picture he yawned! PERFECT PICTURE moment! Then he saw me and I took the second photo! I was hoping it would turn out okay, taking these pictures through the window of the house!

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Tired Roxy

Here is my current horse Roxy. This is after a lesson with Ellen. She is an awesome instructor and a fabulous rider. Roxy and I had a great workout. It was a stormy day, look at the beautiful sky. I was fortunate enough to have my mom there to take photos of Roxy and I.

Friday, January 23, 2009

My Son- Drake (the hunting dog off duty)

This is my husband's bird dog. I thought it would be fun to take his picture infront of the Christmas tree with Sadie's scarf! This might be on this years Christmas card!

I had to add my little Sadie to this! She is the little blonde dog!

My Parent's Ranch

Here are some pictures of my parents ranch. I love to spend my free days there. There is always something to do. I feel like I can get away from all my stress and angers. I am able to clear my mind and feel good about things. I really enjoy taking me dog out to the ranch and let her run away her energy.

Here are some pictures that I have taken at the ranch! Enjoy!

A wedding in Boston in January- COLD!

My husband's cousin got married on MLK day in Boston. We flew across the country to find temperature highs of about 15* F COLD! I usually consider 50*F cold, but this was SUPER COLD! On Sunday we had 10 inches of snow. Very pretty. We went and saw Old Ironsides. This was a great tour.
The wedding was at the MIT chapel. Both the bride and groom go to MIT and are finishing up their PHD. You can see how I get my smarts! It was a simple and lovely wedding. I had some great New England Clam Chowder, twice!
Glad to be back in rainy CA. Hopefully the rain continues for a while- we need it!

2 riding lessons this weekend!

I am taking two riding lessons this weekend with the best trainer! I am very excited. Plus, like I said in previous posts, I don't have to pay for them! Yipeee!
I am going to try to get some video and photo clips. Unfortunately, my husband won't be there either day, but I am hoping my mom will stop by on Saturday.

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Riding lessons- a gift from the husband!

I am so very excited, my husband gave me a Christmas gift of three riding lessons with one of the best trainers that I am fortunate of riding with one weekend each month! It was too cute how he asked to get these lessons from the lady that organizes the lessons. One weekend in December when the wonderful trainer was in Winters giving lessons, my husband snuck over to the barn while I was at my folks ranch working. He had a picture taken of Roxy (my horse) and the trainer. Then on Christmas morning I opened the wonderful gift. There was a huge box that I had saved to mail my saddle in, when it eventually sells! I opened up the box and there was a bunch of tissue paper, a tool box to add some weight, then I found it! There was an envelope with a note and picture in it. It was a gift certificate for three riding lessons with one of the best trainers I have ever rode with. I am so very excited! It isn't very cheap to ride with this trainer, but I have such great rides when I do ride with her. I am hoping that I will have my husband or friends video my rides!